Johnny Koenig Blog

Happy 2023! 

I hope everyone is off to a great start for 2023! I wanted to add some additional content to my website this year, and figured what better way than a blog?! 2022 was one of my busiest years yet, and I'd like to thank my bandmates, all the venues, but most importantly all the fans for your support!

In my blog I will be sharing all kinds of musical insight, band updates, upcoming gigs, new music, travel tips, gear highlights, and more!

I will also be posting more videos to my Youtube channel this year - are you subscribed to the Johnny Koenig Youtube channel? If not, subscribe here.

There are a ton of gigs already booked for 2023, with not many openings in the schedule. I'll be posting the tour schedule soon, and if you're looking for a weekend getaway and see the band and I in a far away locale, feel free to join us! There will be plenty of opportunities to make party!

Don't forget to check out the merch store as we've got limited quantities left in many items! Also, keep an eye out for some new merch coming in the next few weeks!

Wondering about my next gig? Myself, along with Joey Tokar will be filling in with Larry & Sherri Placek, completing the "Gluckliches Quartet" and performing in Helen, GA February 3rd &4th for Fasching! Come join the fun and float down the river with us!

I'll be sure to post more soon!